Live performances will always remain our top priority. However, in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, it is unclear when we will be able to gather to rehearse or perform for a sizeable audience. We have a responsibility not to put ourselves, or our supporters, at risk. Virtual VOX is our attempt to overcome some of the challenges of lockdown to provide meaningful musical experiences to our singers and supporters.

Keep an eye out for our third Virtual VOX project, due to be released towards the end of the month! Written by Latvian composer Ēriks Ešenvalds and accompanied by the ethereal sound of tuned wine glasses, Stars was first performed at A Tale of Two Tave(r)ners and again at Trust the Silences and the original ViniChoral.

“Recorded alone, but singing together…”

Article by Helen Swinger on UCT News (Published on 5 May 2020)

Performing artists have found themselves in a vacuum without their audiences during the Covid-19-imposed lockdown. But VOX Cape Town, created by the University of Cape Town’s (UCT) Dr John Woodland and Kyle Paulssen, got around lockdown by launching its first virtual choral performance for Freedom Day on 27 April.

Choral music in the time of lockdown

How has South Africa’s national lockdown impacted choral music? Is it still possible to provide meaningful musical experiences for one’s singers and supporters during this time?

On Sunday 21 June, John Woodland was invited to the Hermanus Fynarts Festival to discuss the lessons (and tips!) that have been learnt from the Virtual VOX projects. A link to the recorded presentation will be posted as soon as it is available.