VOX Cape Town was founded five years ago to create mesmerising, imaginative choral experiences to enrich the musical life of the Mother City.

Since then, we have presented scores of immersive performances in venues ranging from the intimacy of the UCT Irma Stern Museum and the Tasting Cellar at Groot Constantia to the breathtaking grandeur of the Norval Foundation and St George’s Cathedral. Our flagship performances have spanned millennia, juxtaposed the classical and the contemporary, and even taken us on a voyage to the mystical Northern Lights.

This year, as VOX Cape Town celebrates its fifth anniversary, we acknowledge the invaluable contributions of our singers, our musical colleagues, our generous donors, and our supporters. Although we are staying physically distant, there were still ways in which we were able to celebrate this milestone together as a musical community:


What is your most special memory of VOX? Which of our performances do you remember most fondly? Send us a birthday message and we’ll post it on our website to share with the rest of our musical family.

Our special birthday logo was designed by one of our long-standing singers, Elinor Driver. It represents some of our major musical projects from the past five years. Take a close look and see how many you are able to identify!


Dear VOX,

To you as a choir and to each and every one of you as an individual and a part of this wonderful synergy, congratulations and thank you for your dedication and your voices. We will meet again, soon we hope but your patience will be rewarded by the joy you share.

Kind regards

Bill van Rensburg

To all the people who make VOX what it is, thank you for those moments that will never be forgotten, when music intersects with soul and heart and mind and lifts us to another place, another space… A place of peace and happiness where we forget where we are – who we are – and simply listen.

I look forward. Yes, that’s all. I look forward.

With love,

Lesley Beake


Keep the choral tradition going for many years to come!

Stephen Davis

Leighton Buzzard, UK

A very happy fifth birthday. Thank you for the hard work and joy you bring to us your audience.

The Bree Street performance in 2018 was a favourite of mine.

May there be many more birthday celebrations.

Anne-Marie Roodt

My best wishes for your fifth birthday and the continuation of your wonderful choir. I so remember your last In The Dark performance at Youngblood earlier this year with the journey through ancient spiritual and choral music. I also loved your performance in the Bishops Chapel with the more modern pieces by Ēriks Ešenvalds, Sleep and The Cinematic Orchestra.

I can’t wait to be able to attend a performance again soon, hopefully.

Warm wishes,