Live performances will always remain our priority. As we navigate a return to singing in person again, we are focusing on the following recording projects (safer and logistically easier) as we prepare to become vocally fit and audience-ready:

  • A new musical setting of TS Eliot’s poem The Hollow Men, composed by Jonathan M Blair, for a project with Mikhael Subotzky.
  • The first performance of Weggewerp, a cycle of four Afrikaans poems, composed by Hans Huyssen. This cycle was requested by VOX Cape Town and was generously commissioned by SAMRO.
  • The Highest Throne, a new song written by Richard Hartley and Patric van Blerk.
  • Missa Desolata, a new work written by Martin Watt in memory of the late Peter Klatzow (1945-2021).

In the meantime, we are hosting informal weekly singing sessions for our singers.

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