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VOX Cape Town’s first album and most ambitious choral project yet, “Trust the Silences” (2017), blurs the boundaries between classical and contemporary music.

Inspired by two of VOX Cape Town’s live performances, “Trust the Silences” and “Trust the Silences (Once More)”, this album is a celebration of contemporary choral music by Eric Whitacre, Ēriks Ešenvalds, Radiohead and The Cinematic Orchestra and features local guest artists Richard Brokensha (vocals), Bronwyn van Wieringen (piano), Dylan Tabisher (percussion) and Cherilee Adams (percussion).

This album forms part of VOX Cape Town’s “New Soundscapes” series – performances and recordings designed to expose audiences to fresh choral sounds in the context of unique, multisensory experiences. The album was launched at ViniChoral at Groot Constantia in August 2017.

A limited-edition disc, in a handsome case designed by James Rink with illuminating programme notes by Owen Rogers, is available for R100 directly from VOX Cape Town. The album is also available for digital download from the online stores listed above.


  1. Cloudburst (Eric Whitacre, b. 1970, United States) with Chris Arnold, Aaron Juritz and Stephanie Pulker (soloists), Bronwyn van Wieringen (piano), Cherilee Adams (suspended cymbal), Owen Rogers (wind chimes), Dylan Tabisher (glockenspiel), Johan van der Walt (bass drum), Jenni van Doesburgh (thunder sheet)
  2. This Marriage (Eric Whitacre)
  3. A Boy And A Girl (Eric Whitacre)
  4. The Seal Lullaby (Eric Whitacre) with Bronwyn van Wieringen (piano)
  5. To Build A Home (The Cinematic Orchestra) with Richard Brokensha (vocals), Bronwyn van Wieringen (piano), Cherilee Adams (percussion) and Paul Petersen (bass)
  6. Only In Sleep (Ēriks Ešenvalds, b. 1977, Latvia) with Stephanie Pulker and Jenni van Doesburgh (soloists)
  7. Sleep (Eric Whitacre)
  8. Water Night (Eric Whitacre)
  9. Exit Music (For A Film) (Radiohead) with Richard Brokensha (vocals), Bronwyn van Wieringen (piano), Cherilee Adams and Dylan Tabisher (percussion), Owen Rogers (guitar and bass)
  10. Fly To Paradise (Eric Whitacre) with Richard Brokensha (vocals), Johan van der Walt (organ), Cherilee Adams, Dylan Tabisher and Sergio Trout (percussion)

VOX Cape Town is thrilled to announce that it has signed a digital distribution agreement with local record label WooWi. Although our unique, immersive performances will remain our top priority, professional recordings allow us to strengthen our aim of exposing new audiences to choral music by extending our reach across the globe. Importantly, as our music will be marketed through 50 digital stores such as iTunes and Spotify, this will ensure that South African music is well-represented on the global market. In addition, we will produce a limited run of physical CDs of each album.