On Sunday 20 November 2016, VOX Cape Town collaborated with a host of local musicians to present the annual “Kerssangdiens” at the Groote Kerk in Adderley Street, Cape Town.

VOX Cape Town joined the Stadskoor Tygerberg (directed by Linda Claassen), the Groote Kerk Kamerkoor (directed by Roucher du Toit), the Groote Kerk Kamerorkes (directed by Lucia Scott) and Richard Haigh (organ) in a celebration of seasonal music directed by Roucher du Toit.

Other participating ensembles included WindWorx (directed by Sean Kierman), the Drums and Pipes of the Cape Town Highlanders (directed by Charles Canning), the Hunting Horns (directed by George Stevens) and the Cape Town Concert Brass (directed by Stuart Scott). Soloists included Clarence Anderson, George Stevens and Elizabeth Catharina du Toit.